Reptile Testing Price List
Available Testing
Adenovirus PCR (Reptile)
Arenavirus PCS/IBD (Reptile)
Campylabacter (Reptile)
This test looks for Campylobacter only in faecal samples. If the sample is positive, an ID can be performed at extra cost, if required.
Culture & Sensitivity Swab (Reptile)
This test is an Aerobic culture of a swab with sensitivities (if indicated).
Cyptosporidia (Reptile)
This is a target detection of oocysts.
Faecla Screen (Reptile)
This is a Direct and Salt flotation examination for all parasites excluding Cryptosporidia and some Protozoa.
Salmonella (Reptile)
This test looks for Salmonella only in faecal samples, if the sample is positive then we will obtain a serotype which takes approximately 8 weeks.
Full Parasitology (Reptile)
This is Direct, Salt and Concentrate examination for Helminth ova, Protozoa, Protozoal cysts including Giardia, Cryptosporidia and Amoeba.
Hepes PCS (Chelonian)
Chelonian PCR Test for Herpes.
Mycolplasma Agassizi PCR (Tortoises)
Mycoplasma Agassizi causes upper respiratory tract disease in a variety of tortoises, this test looks to see if the virus is present.
Nidovirus PCS (Reptile)
Reptile Faeces 1
This is an Aerobic culture for all bacterial and fungal infections including Salmonella and Campylobacter.
Reptile Faeces 2
Aerobic culture, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Species Specific Sensitivity, Full Parasitology.
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